Our Debt Recovery Measures & Collection Process

Effective debt recovery measures & collection processes
to provide maximum debt recovery.

We value our reputation...
And our reputation wouldn’t be what it is today if we didn’t value our clients and treat their customers in a professional manner. We don’t give up when collecting on your accounts, but we also don’t use any debt recovery measures that may reflect negatively on your own business.

At Jack Harris, Inc., we emphasize the personal touch – that means reaching out to your accounts “voice to voice” whenever possible. Our flexible debt recovery process allows us to pair the right collector to the right account, making our recovery efforts well controlled and our debt recovery measures more effective. If we are not able to collect on an account right away, the account stays active in our system – to be worked again, when circumstances have changed.

Additional benefits of our debt recovery process:

  • Quick and effective debt recovery measures for all types of debt, and on all types of accounts, regardless of age, amount, location or condition
  • Easy online submission of new accounts
  • Extensive experience in property management debt management and rent collection
  • Detailed performance reports available throughout the collection life cycle
  • Convenient online bill pay so consumers can pay with ease
  • Worldwide network for locating hard-to-reach accounts
  • Advanced debt collection process technology
  • No extra or hidden charges

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